Cost Effective Logo and Brand Identity Design For Small Businesses

Logo Or Brand Identity

You might be wondering, do I need a logo or develop a brand identity? Or both? 

Well, it depends. If you’re just starting out and your objective is to get your business going as soon as possible, branding is not as important to you just yet then getting just a logo should be enough.

However, if branding to you is important right from the start and you’d like a consistent look over all of your marketing materials, including business card design, social media creatives, flyers, etc then go with brand identity.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is a combination set of logo, typography, and colors that represent your business, and help your brand stand out among competitors.

At 1Business Box, we want to simplify it and provide a cost-effective package is that good enough for small businesses to get started, instead of spending tens of thousands hiring a design agency, we give you a full brand identity design at fraction of the cost.

Think These Logos Are Good? Your In the Right Place

Logos With Icon & Brand Name

Logo With Just Brand Name


All Logo packages include a complimentary premium brand identity guide.
>>See a brand identity sample here<<

Just Brand Name

Was $99

Save 50%

ONLY $49


Logo With Icons

Was $399

Save 63%

ONLY $149


Proud People

Meet the people that will be super proud to work on your project!


Loretta specializes solely in creative logo design for small businesses.


Roxanne is our design team manager overseeing all design related projects.


Rosana specializes in logo/brand identity design.

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