Just a Website is Not Enough...Your Business Needs

Website + Lead Engine System

lead generation-focused business website system designed for "Service Based Businesses"

A New Generation of Business Website

Why the "Lead Box Website System"?

You see, a business website without visitors is like a shop in the middle of the desert. No matter how beautiful and cool your website looks, it’s useless.

Worse yet, a business website without a clear focus and conversion-optimized features will push your customers away, ultimately wasting advertising dollars.

That is why your business needs a “Lead Box System” that combines a professional-looking website with lead capturing and optimization features, so whenever visitors land on your website, you’ll increase the chances of capturing/converting the visitors into paying customers.

Lead Box Website System

Part 1 "Pro Business Website"

The first part of the Lead System Box, we will create for you a custom made business website that is designed to help you sell sell sell!

Take a look at some of the website sample designs, if you think they are good, then we can certainly help you craft a business website you’ll be proud to own and showcase to your customers!

Lead Box Website System

Part 2 "Lead Magnet"

Trying to sell your service to customers on the first encounter? Good luck!

Research has shown that it takes on average 5-7 encounters before a customer makes up his/her mind to buy from your business.

If you actually helped or provided value to your visitors during those encounters, the likelihood of them buying from your business is much higher!

You may or may not agree but try asking yourself, who would you buy something from? Someone that has helped or provided you value or someone that has not. Easy answer right?

Benefits of a Lead Magnet

Lead Box Website System

Part 3 "Lead Capture"

Stop using a contact form for everything!

While you certainly can have a simple contact form on the website, however, when it comes to getting the customers you’d want to serve, it is important to ask questions and filter out the requests that are not a good fit and only serve those that are a perfect fit.

At the end of the day, you can’t serve and satisfy everyone, so why not focus your effort and energy only on those that your business can help and most likely buy from you?

Benefits of Lead Capture

Lead Box Website System

Part 4 "Lead Nurture"

Now you got your leads in the pipeline, we will create for you a sequence of automated follow-up emails designed to help you follow up and close the sale!